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Travel in Romania: Romania Culture and Traditions, Freedom Formula
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Culture and Traditions in Romania à partir de 627 €

Circuit: 12 jours / 11 nuits base 2 personnes

Les points forts du voyage

The taste of freedom is:

- You leave when you want

- You visit what you like

- You eat what you like

- You stop whenever you like

- You organize it as you feel it

Your only constraint – to be in the hotel at night. It is a great formula to make your holiday nice and different.

Votre voyage jour après jour

Day 1- BUCHAREST > BRASOV - Arrival in Roumania
After arrival, you will not have the time to visit Bucharest,as your first sleepover is in the heart of Transylvania in Brasov.
On leaving the capital you will head North towards Brasov(E60)) through the valley of the Princes, as they often called the Prahova Valley. Prahova Valley is famous for its mountain scenery and is also the ancient place of refuge for the royal family of Romania.
You will  have the time to visit the Peles Castle. Build as King Carol I summer residence from 1873-1883 in a spectacular German Renaissance style, it is considered one of the most beautiful castles in Europe.
Accommodation in a charming 3 *** hotel in Brasov, located downtown, overlooking the main square, the main attraction of the city.


Day 2- BRASOV > BRAN > RASNOV > BRASOV  - In the heart of the Carpathians

After breakfast, a tour of the city of Brasov is a must.
This medieval town, built by the Saxons, was the southern gateway of Transylvania. Its centre still looks as if the Saxsons never moved out. With one of the largest and most intact medieval town centres in Romania, and one of its finest town squares, Brasov is a superb place to brush up on your architectural vocabulary and feast your eyes.

We advise you to go towards Poiana Brasov to reach the village of Bran where you can visit its world famous castle, the so called "Castle Dracula". Perched high on a rock, this most famous castle in Romania imposes its romantic silhouette on the  forest background.

On your way back to Brasov, you can visit the citadel of Rasnov. Build by the Teutonic Knights as a peasant citadel in the 13th century ,it was one of the main Burzenland’s defences against the Turkish and Tatar invasions. While there is no longer a huge amount left to see of the structure itself, which is less well-preserved than Bran, the ethnographic folk art exhibits help bring it to life and the views are stupendous.
You will return to Brasov, where you will spend the night in the same hotel.

Day 3- BRASOV > SIGHISOARA - The Saxon Heart of Transylvania

Early in the morning you will depart for Sighisoara. On your way we strongly advise you to visit the village of Prejmer.
The massively fortified Church of the Holy Cross is its highlight. Build by the Teutonic knights(from 1218)to strengthen the defence of this eastern border region against the ever present threat from the steppe warriors, it was further massively fortified by the Saxons against further invasions in 1421,to include some 270 rooms inside on three or four levels for the villagers’ refuge in case of attack or siege. It houses the oldest altar in Romania as well as a small museum. It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1999.

On the  road to Sighisoara, you will be able to discover an authentic country, Transylvanian heartlands full of interest, with wild mountains and quiet rural backroads.  There are also some fortified churches and fascinating Saxon villages such as the one of  Viscri, a World Heritage of UNESCO.

Your destination, the romantic, picturesque town of Sighisoara is the only inhabited fortified citadel in Romania, and one of only a few in Europe. A World Heritage Site by UNESCO the huddle of  sloping roofs ,pastel facades and cobbled streets is so redolent of the Middle Ages that even the communist regime was sensible enough to leave its centre well alone. 
You will spend the night in a 3 *** hotel nearby the city centre.

Day 4 - SIGHISOARA > VAMA - Transition in Moldova

In the morning, you will have the opportunity to do a walking tour around one of the finest medieval town in Romania-Sighisoara.
Rebuilt after a fire in 1556 on earlier foundations the famous Clock Tower(Turnul cu Ceas)features a series of exterior figurines representing the days of the week. The four small towers around the spire indicate that Sighisoara had ius gladii(the power to pass death sentences)in medieval times.
The small torture room at the base of the tower was once the military prison.
The Tower, which up to 1556 housed the city council, is now a permanent home to the Museum of City History.
You can also visit The house with the Stag, the Vlad Dracul House-probably home to Vlad Dracul and the birthplace of his son, Vlad the Impaler,the Monastery Church,the School on the Hill.
Next you will cross the Eastern Carpathians and the land of the Sicilians, the descendants of settlers from Hungarian Transylvania.
On the way you will experience unforgettable encounters with the artisans in the village of Corund, famous throughout Romania for its ceramics.
Just 10 km to the north is one of the region’s most unusual sights-Praid Salt Mine.The salt is some 3 km thick in places, and there is said to be enough here to supply all Europe for  more than 100 years.
You will make your way towards Moldova by a journey through the Bicaz Gorge, one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in Romania.
In the evening you will arrive at Vama, a village located in the heart of the painted monasteries of Bukovina.
You will stay in a traditional home where you can sample the local specialties.


Day 5 - BUKOVINA - The land of the monasteries

You will be using Vama as a base to explore Romania’s greatest cultural legacy: the painted monasteries. You will have the pleasure to visit all the major monasteries of Bukovina: Moldovita (1532) -a fortified church set in splendid grounds, famed for its frescoes depicting the 626 siege of Constantinople, the fabulous Sucevita, the largest and  most decorated monastery of Bukovina , the famous monastery of Voronet (1448) one of the earliest, probably the most celebrated and certainly the most visited monastery in Bukovina, also known as the "Sistine Chapel of the Orient",and the Humor Monastery(1530) which was once renowned for the quality of education that the monks were providing: miniature painting and calligraphy.
Anyone interested in pottery might like to stop off at Marginea, where a workshop on the main road to Sucevita displays the traditional, unmechanised techniques used in the village for centuries.
By late afternoon, return to Vama to dine and sleep. The owners will show you how villagers painted traditional eggs for Easter.

Day 6 - VAMA > VADI IZEI - Welkome to Maramures

You will leave Bukovina to head for Maramures a legendary region of Romania which still retains the authenticity of the past times.
You will cross the Carpathians by the superb Prislop Pass,the historic border between Maramures and Bukovina, where the fields are still cultivated by the strength of oxen or horses. 
In this world, a land of pride and heartbreak, hidden valleys and centuries-old rural ways of life still beats the heart of Maramures.
From one village to another you will discover fantastic "wooden cathedrals", old farms, pretty houses and appreciate the warmth and friendliness of the local people.
The Iza Valley is known for its pretty villages with their wooden churches. Even more than elsewhere in Maramures ,this is a place that makes you feel as if you have slipped back in time 100 years or so and one of the rare places where men and women still wear traditional dress every Sunday.
You will stay overnight in the village of Vadu Izei ,in a small, traditional guest-house with 6( all wood-carved) guest rooms.


Day 7 - Maramure - The "Wood Civilization"

In this region, you will have the pleasure to encounter a succession of villages: Barsana -a village dating to 1326 where a monastery features two wooden churches, then Rozavlea(whose own wooden church dates back to 1720, the Wooden Church on the Hill at Ieud(build in 1364)which is the oldest in Maramures ,and retains beautiful paintings done in 1782 ...
Your Maramures discovery will not be complete without visiting the "Merry Cemetery" in Sapanta, one of the most amazing sites in Romania, where all the crosses and headstones are brightly painted with happy scenes from the dead person’s life, complete with jolly epitaphs.

A few miles away from Sapanta is the town of Sighetu Marmatiei.
Simply known as Sighet the town still retains the atmosphere of the trading cities of the Austro-Hungarians with long avenues and pleasant central square, Piata Libertatii, near which lies the Maramures Ethnographic Museum, the Memorial to the Victims of Communism, the house-museum of Elie Wiesel .
On leaving the town in direction of Baia Mare and Vadu Izei you can find the Ukrainian bazaar, and the so called Village museum-a complex of 30 houses -some from the 14th century-set around a 17th-century church.
You will stay in the same place as the day before


Day 8 - VADU IZEI > CLUJI NAPOCA - The Hungarian - Romanian duality

You will leave the Maramures through the Iza Valley to go down towards Transylvania, where near Gherla you will have the possibility to visit one of the most beautiful palaces of the Hungarian aristocracy in Transylvania, also called the” Versailles of Transylvania ", the family palace of Banffy Bontida. One of the most important historical monuments in Transylvania, it was almost completely destroyed by the retreating German Army in 1944.
Your next destination, the city of Cluj-Napoca, is a town of amazing contrasts. From one side the unattractive buildings, a sordid legacy of the Ceausescu years in the upper suburbs and on the other,  the beautiful architectural heritage of the downtown in the historic centre-retaining a largely Hungarian identity.
Your accommodation will be in a 3 *** hotel, located in the historic centre of the town.


Day 9 - CLUJI NAPOCA > GANESTI - An exceptional wine country 

After breakfast, you will depart for Targu Mures, which definitely deserves a visit.
Its main square ,Piata Trandafirilor(Square of the Roses) is the best place to start exploring ,as most of the town‘s main attractions are here or just to the south.
The historic centre of the town has survived largely intact, with some of Romania’s finest examples of the Secessionist style ,such as the Palace of Culture ,one of the most sumptuous buildings in Romania, opened in 1913.
You will continue towards Ganesti. On the way you can check Tarnava wine country, the largest wine region in Transylvania and the country, where vineyards have been present since the iron age.
The wines of the Tarnave vineyard provide a perfect blend. Most vine plantations are to be found on the slopes of Tarnava Mica and Tarnava Mare rivers. The quality of the Tarnave vineyard is highly appreciated both at home and abroad. In this respect, the vineyard can boast over 100 golden medals. The local conditions allow the production of high quality sorts of wine like Feteasca Alba, Pinot Gris, Traminer Rose, Sauvignon (dry or medium). It also produces flavoured wines of the Muscat Ottonel type and sparkling wines like Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Regala and Italian Riesling.

Your accommodation will be in the delightful village of Ganesti in a traditional guest- house, full of charm.


Day 10 - GANESTI > SIBIU - The cradle of the Saxon civilization
Next day you will continue your way towards Sibiu.
On the way you will stop at the Citadel Biertan, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The village of Biertan was one of the first Saxon settlements in Transylvania and has a famous ,early 16-th century church, the largest and probably the most impressive evangelical church in Transylvania, considered a “veritable citadel of faith ".
Sitting high on a hill and surrounded by three walls and six towers ,it was a seat of a Lutheran bishop from 1572-1867,before the bishopric moved to Sibiu.
You can eat at a very reasonably priced restaurant  at the foot of the hill.
Next you will reach Sibiu, European Capital of Culture (2007),and explore one of the most beautiful cities in Romania.
Your accommodation and dinner will be in the village of Sibiel, located 20 km. away from Sibiu, in a guest house which has a large orchard.


Day 11 - SIBIU > BUCHAREST - Crossing of Wallachia

In the morning you will head south in direction of the capital.

While crossing the Olt Valley, a place of outstanding natural beauty ,you will have the opportunity to visit  the town of Curtea de Arges, once a capital of the  feudal state of Wallachia.

Today a quiet little town, it is mostly visited for the Princely Church, founded early in the 14th century by Basarab I(1330-1352) and its remarkably vibrant interior frescoes, the earliest visible in Romania, but also for its Curtea de Arges Monastery ,one of Romania’s finest religious ensembles ,perfectly set off in a glorious French-style park.

By late afternoon, you will arrive in Bucharest, where you will stay in a 3 *** hotel, perfectly located in the cultural heart of the city.

You will have the opportunity to discover some of the capital before nightfall.

Day 12 - BUCHAREST - The Return

Depending on the time of your departure,you can spend some more time in Bucharest, named also the”little Paris of the Balkans”.

Bucharest has plenty of  magical places: parks, adorable small churches, astonishing museums, bazaars and streets offering phenomenal diversity.

Possible visits of the Palace of the Parlament, the Museum of Arts, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Triumphal Arch, the Romanian Peasant  Museum, the University and Revolution squares, the Cuerta Veche(the old quarter).

You will take the highway to get to the Bucharest International Airport.

Then after returning back your vehicle, you will fly home to get back to your normal life after this lovely break in Romania.































Prix par période/ par personne/ en chambre double

1) du 01 April au 30 June 660 €   -5% 627 €
2) du 01 July au 31 August 710 €
3) du 01 September au 31 October 660 €   -5% 627 €

Prix par période/ par personne/ en chambre individuelle

1) du 01 April au 30 June 1160 €   -5% 1102 €
2) du 01 July au 31 August 1210 €
3) du 01 September au 31 October 1160 €   -5% 1102 €
Le prix comprend Le prix ne comprend pas

- Filing Fees

- The delivery and recovery of the rental car at the airport in Bucharest

- Renting a car or upper middle class according to the number of people (2 people)

- Accommodation in 3 star hotels and guesthouses (double room)

- Breakfast

- A travel book and map with vouchers and / or indications for hotels

- The return flight

- Airport taxes

- The cancellation insurance, repatriation and medical expenses

- The Individual Vehicle supplement € 290

- Fuel


On vous dit tout

Air Flight

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Discounts for children

- Children under 2 years - free. The child does not have a seat reserved for the transport and sharing the room with 2 adults (extra bed)

- Children from 2 to 12 years - 20% discount. The child shares the room with 2 adults (extra bed)

- The number of children sharing room with 2 adults is limited to 2


Book early, pay less

- For bookings made at least three months in advance a discount of 5% will apply


- No minimum number of participants. For groups over 5, thank you for contacting us so that we can make you an offer  for your situation.

- If you do not sleep in the accommodation provided, no refund will be considered and your night will be charged to you.

- Upon delivery of the vehicle, a deposit of 100 to 300 € depending on the class of vehicle will be required. It will be returned when the vehicle is returned if no damage has occurred.

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